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Interiors floors - Boards

Manly our product are divided in 2 categories: the 2 and the 3 layers planks. These conformations are created to give to wood a major stability in time. The first layer, the dashboars in essence, is composed from 4 or 5 mm of noble wood part. This thickness confer a good solidity to the floor and allows to smooth it several times. The second layer is composed of solid wood strips in spruce disposed in transversal sense to the vein of the wood. The spruce is chosen for its consistency and for its stability in time. The third and the last dial layer, alway in spruce, is placed like the first layer and they are used to counterbalance the eventual dimensional variations of the wood and to give it a greater stability.
All planks are available in any size, effect (sawnwood, planed, brushed ...), (bleached, hazyed, tinted, ...), wood species (oak, iroko, doussiè, beech and ,...) and finish (polyurethane, oiled, waxed, water ,...).

DIMENSION: 3 layer: width: 110mm to 200mm, length: 1000mm to 2500mm, thick: 14mm to 21mm.

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