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Who is Veneto Parquet

Veneto Parquet is a company of great passion and experience in the workmanship of wood.
From several years we have been taking care of the sale, production and laying in work of floors for inside and outside, staircases in wood, laminate floorings and of accessories.
Our purpose is wood to be in every aspect of our life, expecially where we live. Indeed one of the best materials in the housebuilding for hardness, stability and isolation but most of all for the warmness and comfort that it can make you feel. For this reason we recommend you the best product to make functional, comfortable and unique your environment.
The phases of laying in work must follow precise criterions that the support interests on which the flooring will go to lean on, the choice of the floor, the adhesive, varnishes or the other products of finish.
The choice of the materials must not be do without following detailed research and economic factor. For the laying in work we indeed have qualified personnel with lots of work experience.
All of our floors and staircases are realized in conformity with the European normatives and our wood comes from zones in where reforestation is guaranteed.